Places to see in Prayagraj

Triveni Sangam

Triveni Sangam is the confluence of the Ganges (Ganga), the Yamuna, and the mythical Saraswati River. Triveni Sangam is located at Prayag – the area of Prayagraj neighbouring the confluence; for this reason, the confluence is also sometimes referred to as Prayag.

At Triveni Sangam, the Ganges and the Yamuna can be identified by their different colours – the water of the Ganges is clear while that of the Yamuna is greenish in colour. The third river, the mythical Saraswati, is called invisible.

The auspiciousness of the confluence of two rivers is referred to in the Rigveda, which says, "Those who bathe at the place where the two rivers, white and dark, flow together, rise up to heaven."



The Padma Purana states that those who venerate the Akshayavata with devotion are freed from sins.

The Akshayavata is mentioned as a holy site of Gaya in the Mahabharata.

According to legend, once, the sage Markandeya asked Narayana to show him a taste of his divine power. Narayana caused a pralaya, flooding the entire world for a moment, during which only the Akshayavata could be seen above the water level.

According to regional tradition, the emperor Jahangir cut the Akshayavata to its roots and hammered a red-hot iron cauldron on its stump so that it does not grow again. However, within a year, the tree began to grow again.

Shringverpur Dham

Shringverpur Dham is one the most important tourist attraction near Prayagraj. The place is at a distance of approx. 40 Kilometers from Prayagraj city at the Lucknow road. The place is located on the bank of the holy river Ganga. In spite of having reference in the epic Ramayan & other ancient literature, the place is being popular very gradually. The Sringverpur Dham has been mentioned as the capital of Nishadraj(King of Fisherman), who helped Lord Ram to cross the Ganga river during the “vanvas”.

The place has been famous by the name of Shringi Rishi. Also, there is a Sringi Rishi temple came out during the excavation at the place. As per the mythology, the lord Rama, Mata Sita & Shree Laxman Ji stayed here for one night before going to ‘Vanvas’. There is a very beautiful description of Nishadraj & lord Rama in Ramayan and the place.


All Saints' Cathedral

All Saints' Cathedral, also known as Patthar Girja (Church of Stones), is an United Protestant cathedral located in Prayagraj, India; it belongs to the Church of North India. Modelled after 13th-century Gothic style churches, it is among the Gothic Revival buildings built by the British during their rule in India. British architect Sir William Emerson, who also designed the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, designed the cathedral in 1871. It was consecrated in 1887 and was completed four years later. The church celebrates its anniversary on All Saints' Day (1 November) and has been part of the Church of North India since 1970. The cathedral is at the centre of a large open space at the crossing of two of the principal roads of Prayagraj, MG Marg and SN Marg.

Chandrshekhar Azad Park

In 1870, Prince Alfred of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha visited Prayagraj (earlier known as Allahabad). A park, 133 acres in area and situated in the heart of the city’s English quarters, Civil Lines, was built to commemorate the event. In 1931, Chandra Shekhar Azad, a revolutionary freedom fighter was engaged in a fierce gun fight with the British in this park. Aged 24, Azad died here on 27 February 1931.

The pistol used by Chandrashekhar Azad to defend himself when attacked by a large number of policemen at the Alfred Park in Allahabad. This is a .32 calibre Colt automatic, with a ten round magazine, rimless, smokeless. This pistol was part of the FIR registered at the Karnalgunj police station, Allahabad on 27 Feb 1931 against Chandrashekhar Azad.


Shankar Viman Mandapam

Near the fort and Lord Hanuman temple at the bund area, this 130ft. high temple with four floors built in South Indian style has the idols of Kumaril Bhatt, Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya, Kamakshi Devi (with 51 Shaktipeeths around), TirupatiBalaji (with 108 Vishnus around) and Yogshastra Sahastrayoga Linga (having 108 Shivas around).

The revered temple of Veni Madhav

As per Padma Purana, Lord Bhrahma prayed to Lord Vishnu while performing yajna on the pious land of Prayagraj for the protection of Prayagraj and established his twelve forms in Prayagraj. Among the twelve Madhava temples of Prayagraj, the most well-known is Shri Veni Madhav temple. Located on the Nirala road of Daraganj, the idol here is made of Shaligram Shila. Shri Veni Madhav is also considered as the most revered God of Prayagraj. A huge number of devotees line up to for Darshan of their revered God throughout the year. It is believed that without the darshan of Shri Veni Madhav, the pilgrimage of Prayag and Panchkosi Parikrama is not considered complete. Chaitanya Maha Prabhu also used to perform Bhajan kirtan here during his Prayag visits.


Bade  Hanuman Temple

In Daraganj locality, on the bank of the Ganga, is the Sankatmochan Hanuman Temple. It is said that Saint Samarth Guru Ramdasji had established the idol of Lord Hanuman Here. The idols of Shiva-Parvati, Ganesh, Bhairav, Durga, Kali and Navgrah are also enshrined in the premises of the temple. Nearby are Shri Ram-Janki temples and HaritMadhava temple.

Mankameshwar Temple

It is situated near Minto Park on the west of the fort along the Yamuna River. It has a black stone lingam and statues of Ganesh and Nandi. There is a grand statue of Hanuman and an ancient peepal tree near the temple. This ancient Shiv temple is located in Barra tehsil 40 km south-west from Prayagraj . The Shivling is installed on top of an 80-feet high hillock among picturesque surroundings.


Bharadwaj Ashram

Associated with Sage Bharadwaj, It is a renowned religious place. During the time of Sage Bharadwaj it was famous as an educational centre. It is believed that Lord Rama visited this place with Sitaji and Lakshmanji while proceeding to Chitrakoot during his exile. At present, there are temple of Bharadwajeshwar Mahadeva, Sage Bharadwaj, TeertharajPrayag and Goddess Kali etc. Neraby is the beautiful Bharadwaj Park.

Victoria Memorial

Large canopy made of Italian limestone, dedicated to Queen Victoria. James Digges La Touche opened it on 24th of March 1906. The canopy once sheltered a huge statue of Queen Victoria that was later removed.


Prayag Sangeet Samiti

Prayag Sangeet Samiti was established in the year 1926 with a view to popularize and teach Indian Classical music amongst the masses in India. This institution is registered under the Indian Societies Act (Act No.XXI of 1860). The basic objective of the Samiti has always been to revive the prestige of the art of music comprising vocal music, instrumental music, and dance and to organize systematic training in this art in India and in foreign countries, besides reaching it to people at large. With this end in view, the Samiti had been devotedly applying itself to solid work for the last 62 years.

Allahabad University

Allahabad University has always occupied an esteemed place among the universities of India for over a century now. Established on 23rd September 1887, it is the fourth oldest university of India after Calcutta, Bombay and Madras University. The credit for conceiving a large Central College at Prayagraj (erstwhile Allahabad), eventually to develop into a University, is due to Sir William Muir, then Lt. Governor of United Provinces. As a result of his initiative the foundation stone of the Muir Central College (named after him) was laid on Dec. 9 1873 by His Excellency Lord Northbrook. Vijay Nagram Hall, Senate Hall (Darbar Hall), SSL Hostel are the major buildings of Allahabad University.


Public Library

The oldest library of the city is situated within the CSA Park premises. It houses a large number of rare books, manuscripts and journals. This library was established in 1864 at the Chaitham Lines Area. After the construction of the present building in 1878, the library was shifted here. This imposing building has been associated with another glorious chapter too. The first Legislative Council of the State organised its first meeting in this building on January 8, 1887. Fourteen council meetings were held here. Constructed in the memory of Lord Thornhill and Mayne, this building is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture.

Ganga Gallery (National Academy Of Science)

This Gallery, situated at 5, LajpatRaiMarg – NayaKatra uses a scientific aspect approach in order to highlight the religious, cultural, socio-economic & scientific aspects of the river Ganga.


Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev

Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev complex is spread over an area of about 500 sq. feet in Prayagraj near Rasulabad Ghat road under Chinmaya Mission. The foundation stones were laid on 30th October 2004 by Parampoojya Swami Tejomayanandaji and Poojya Swami Subodhanandaji of Chinmaya Mission. Pink sand stones from Rajasthan are being carved and fixed to give shape to Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev Dhyan Mandapam over the Foundation floor. The foundation floor is designed to accommodate a Satsang Bhavan having a capacity of about 300 persons and all the essential services for Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev.

Dashashwamedha Temple

It is one of the revered places of the city situated on the bank of Ganga Daraganj. It is said that Lord Brahma had performed Ashwamedha Yajna here. Dashashwamedheshwar Mahadev-Shiva linga, idols of Nandi, Sheshnag and a big Trishul (trident) are enshrined in the temple. A marble slab bearing the image of a footprints in memory of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is also installed here. Nearby are the temples of Goddess Annapoorna, Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh.


Takshakeshwar Nath Temple

This is a temple of Takshakeshwar Lord Shankar located in south of Prayagraj city in Dariyabad locality on the bank of the Yamuna. A little away is the Takshak kund in the Yamuna. Legend has it that Takshak the serpent had taken shelter here after being chased out of Mathura by Lord Krishna.

Other Places
  • Sangam
  • Prayagraj Fort Patalpuri Temple
  • Lord Hanuman Mandir
  • Aadi Shankar Viman Mandapam
  • Mankameshwar Temple
  • Minto Park Aashoka Pillar
  • Khusarobag
  • Aalop Shankari Shaktipeetha
  • Roop Gaudiya Matha
  • Sant Ravidas Temple
  • Ganga Gallery
  • Swaraj Bhawan Anand Bhawan Jawahar Planetarium
  • Bhardwaj Aashram
  • Sai Dham Mandir, Near AG
  • Belvedere Printing Works
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Allahabad University
  • Muir College
  • Allahabad Museum
  • Chandra Shekhar Azad Park
  • Public LibraryMayo Memorial Hall
  • Victoria Memorial
  • Nag Basuki Temple
  • Someshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Maha Prabhu ji ki Baithak
  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram
  • Nag Kmblashwar Tirtha Ramsagara Talab COD
  • Budhha Ruiens Bhita Ghoorpur
  • Mankameshwar Mahdev Lalapur
  • Hare Rama Hare Krishna ISKCON Temple
  • Shree Akhileshwar Mahadev
  • Pandila Mahadev
  • Shiv Kachehari Shiv kuti

  • Takshak Tirtha Dariyabad
  • Lalta Devi
  • Kalyani Devi
  • Draveshwar Mahadev Jonston Ganj
  • All Saint Cathedral patthar Girijaghar
  • Addi Ganesh
  • Dashaswmedh, Brahameshwar Mahadev
  • Madhawas
  • Veni Madhava Daraganj
  • Asi Madhava Nagvashuki Temple
  • Sankastahar Madhva Prabhudutta Brahmchari Ashram
  • Shankha Madhva Chhatnag Ghat Munshi Bagicha
  • Chakra Madva Arail
  • Aadi Veni Madhava- Sangam Arail Ghat
  • Gada Madava Chhivaki
  • Manohar Madhva Jonston Ganj
  • Bindu Madhava Draupadi Ghat CDA Pension
  • Ananta Madhva
  • Padam Madhav SujavanDeo
  • Triveni-Akshay-Vat Madhav OD Fort
  • Ulata Quila Samundra Koop
  • KriyaYoga Institue
  • Manav Sangrahalya GB Pant Institute
  • Durwash Rishi Ashram
  • Ma Endri Devi Dham
  • HRI Chhatanag
  • Phaphamau Curzon Bridge
  • Shastri Bridge
  • New Yamuna Bridge
  • Old Yamuna Bridge
  • High Court UP
  • Lakshagrih
  • Shringverpur
  • Narayani Ashram